Entertainment Appeal: Actress & Activist Ruby Dee Dies At Age 91

Legendary actress Ruby Dee passed away yesterday at her New York home. The actress most famed for her performance in Raisin in the Sun (1961) and multiple film works with her late husband Ossie Davis was 91 years old. She began her career in 1946 with her first onscreen performance in That Man Of Mine. Since her appearance in that fil Ruby Dee continued her career with performances on Broadway, The Spike Lee film Do The Right Thing (1989), Jungle Fever (1961), The Jackie Robinson Story (1950), American Gangster (2007), Betty & Coretta (2013), and Black Girl (1972).

Raisin In The Sun

Do The Right Thing


Ruby Dee married Ossie Davis (a famed actor poet and playwright) in 1948 and stayed married until his death in 2005. Ruby and Ossie met in 1946 while working on the Broadway play Jeb. The couple continued to work together in film and as humanitarians and social activists. The couple was once arrested in 1999 as they protested the police shooting of Amadou Diallo ( a 23-year-old unarmed immigrant from Guinea,who was shot at 41 times and killed by four New York City Police Department officers). Ruby Dee has been nominated for eight Emmy Awards and an Academy Award. She won an Emmy for her performance in Decoration Day and was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Freedom Award presented by the National Civil Rights Museum along with her husband.

Ruby Dee was a pillar of class, grace, elegance and sophistication. Her acts of service and art will live far beyond her life. She is survived by three children: Nora, Hasna and Guy, and seven grandchildren.

Ruby Dee

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Gone Are The days

Ossie and Ruby are finally reunited




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