Purse Appeal: #GirlBoss Nasty Gal CEO Sheds Some Light On How To Succeed In Business



Nasty Gal is a very popular online retailer that provides an array of stylish and unique fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. I personally love the store because everything you find there is unlike anything else on the web. This company began as a successful Ebay store that specialized in vintage items. Once the Ebay store became very popular and profitable the website NastyGal.Com was born.  The popular American online retailer has gained a heap of success, being named “fastest growing retailer” by INC magazine in 2012. Nasty Gal made a revenue close to $100 million  in 2013, not bad for a company with Ebay beginnings.


The success of Nasty Gal is almost as interesting as its Greek American founder Sophia Amoruso. Amoruso’s story is so intriguing that she knew she had to write a book, #GirlBoss,  for women aspiring to achieve their dreams. Amoruso started her Ebay store by herself, she styled, photographed, captioned and shipped each product herself. Her one woman show  grew into a multimillionaire dollar business. Now we all don’t have millionaires we can call for some advice, but we sure can go to Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble and pick up #GirlBoss! This “Rags to Riches” or what I like to call “Fab to Fab with Riches” story is a great motivator for anyone to put their grown up drawers on an GET TO WORK!


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