Pop Culture Appeal: Meet Vera Sidika “The Kenyan Kim Kardashian”

I like this girl she is funny!

Kim Kardashian has become a pop culture phenomenon, taking a very sour situation and flipping it into millions of dollars. Kim’s beauty and voluptuous body has helped her get to the top along with her business savvy. Now Africa has it’s own version of Kim and her name is Vera Sidika. Sidika has appeared in numerous videos for several African recording artists, hosted many parties in the continent and has a couple of growing business. She has been nicknamed the “Kenyan Kim Kardashian” because of the attributes she shares with Armenian beauty. 

vera sidika vera sidika 2

Well now Vera and Kim are not far away from each other’s skin tone now that Vera has underwent skin lightening procedures, Yes the two pictures featured above are of the same woman! The Kenyan native gained major publicity when she revealed her new look and how she achieved it. Sidika recently sat for an interview with a Kenyan TV show and talked about her new look, her luxurious lifestyle, business and her Nigerian oil tycoon boyfriend.  She states she saw a dermatologist in the United Kingdom and went through the skin lightening procedure for $170,000.

Screenshot_2014-06-15-17-56-43-1 Screenshot_2014-06-15-17-54-51-1 (1) Screenshot_2014-06-15-17-56-04-1

In the interview Vera  explains the difference between skin bleaching & skin lightening, she refers to skin lightening as the professional and right way to lighten skin tone. She also revealed how her  Nigerian boyfriend spoils her rotten and she prefers men from West Africa (small jab at her homeland in the east lol) In all She tells young girls that they should not lighten their skin because of her or because she decided to do it, but for their own personal reasons. Sidika explains her decision was based on business and it is working for her.

Screenshot_2014-06-15-19-37-27-1 Screenshot_2014-06-15-19-36-43-1

Skin bleaching & lightening has been a hot topic in Africa for generations. Many Africans frown upon it and believe anyone who touches a lightening substance is running from their “African/Black identity”. In my personal opinion if you look in the mirror and there is something you don’t like whether it be crooked teeth, dark skin, uni-brow, small breast, no butt etc and you have the means to change it, by all means go ahead if it makes YOU happy. As long as you are getting your procedure done safely and professionally with great results do what makes YOU happy because you are not living YOUR life to please OTHER people.  I like this girl because she was very real about the situation, she’s not pretending  she didn’t go through a procedure like some of these actresses and singers lol. She admits to coming from a humble background and  is making her way to the top on HER own terms!  Check out her interview below!

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