Date Appeal: 10 Ways To Have a Flirty Summer!

Get the relationship you’ve always wanted this summer!


summer love 2

This summer is going to be scorching hot and why not turn up the heat this summer with a new boo. I know your parents are bugging you about drinking palm wine on your head and receiving a bride price. The pressure is on and you don’t even have a serious relationship let alone preparing to get married! Well singles take notes because there are some fun and interesting things you can do to have a fun relationship this summer that may last a lifetime!

summer love 3

Here are 10 great ideas that will help grab that special someone.

1)  Switch Your Type Up: Look outside of your “type”, if you are into “bad boys” consider a “nerd” or good guy for a date.

2) Flirt: Step up your flirt game  and master the three second gaze, Now you don’t have to tackle the person down with your eyes, but catch your target’s eyes  for three seconds. One your eyes have met look down or away and smile. The smile seals the deal.

summer love 6

3) Reel Them In: Get your interest to help you out with an upcoming event. Invite them to a volunteer/ charity event that way you get to see them and support a great cause!

4)Get Cozy: How about a beautiful picnic underneath the stars?

summer love 4

5) Double Up!: Go on a blind double date, ask a friend who is coupled up to set you up with a friend. If anything goes wrong you have a friend to laugh about it with.

6) Impress the friends: We all know friends can make or break a budding relationship. Get in good with the friends and you’re in good with your new boo.

summer love 9

7) Pic Battle: Snapchat is a great app to host this war of the pics. Send each other pics back and forth. You can even start a “who snaps the funniest pic” competition.

8) Make Them Remember You: make grand entrances and even badder exits! Say something funny before leaving. Don’t forget to toss your hair and look back with a wink.

summer love 5

9) Get Your One on One Time: spend quality time together getting to learn one another. Get  them to teach  you something new like painting .

summer love 7

10) Get Over Your Ex: Whether your last breakup was last December or two weeks ago STOP posting subliminals on social media. Get over it and move on to bigger and better things!

summer love 8



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