Lucy: Why I’m Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen

What the world needs to read and think about…

Olivia A. Cole

lucy movie white people
I’m tired of seeing white people on the silver screen.

First, let me note that I am white. I am a white woman who goes to the theater to see probably a dozen films (if not more) in a given year, a white woman who readily consumes TV shows and series and often blogs/tweets about them. I love film. I love what Hollywood could be, but I must say that I don’t love what it is, and that is a machine generating story after story in which the audience is asked to root for a white (usually male) hero over and over and over (and over) again. I’m tired. I’m tired of directors pretending that white actors are the default and that people of color are a distraction when it comes to filmmaking. I’m tired of black women in Hollywood being relegated to roles of slaves and “the help” over…

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Trend Appeal: Stripes Are Popular For 2015 Menswear

Colourful-Stripes-Menswear-2015 Tribe Appeal

Mix thin and thick stripes for awesome looks

Resort 2015 shows have passed and a huge trend has been pinpointed at various shows. Marc Jacob, Moschino, Topman and Opening Ceremony all showcased different variations of stripes in their resort 2015 collections. Don’t expect to see “sailor” looks with these pieces, there are many different colors and sizes of stripes and they are on t-shirts and bottoms. Sport coats and tracksuits also display the trend which is great!, the looks can easily be dressed up or dressed down and this is something men love…VERSATILIITY!

Pop Culture Appeal: BasketMouth Catches Girlfriend In the Act (Comedy Skit)

“It was an accident sir” lol!

Nigerian comedian Basketmouth stars in this hilarious comedy sketch about catching his girlfriend doing the unthinkable. The skit sheds light on the mind set of men and the mean power or negotiation. Take a look at this belly busting clip!

Date Appeal: To Marry African Or Nah? For the African Blooded and American Born

The family pressures are outstanding


Every African child has received the infamous “marry within our culture” talk, some parents may not have been pushy about it, but they still made you aware of their “wishes”. Its not that they don’t like people of other cultures they just feel that this person will not follow customs and traditions they raised their child with. They feel as though our African values will be lost in generations to come. When an African child notifies their parents that that their love is not what they had hoped…well we’ve all experienced this:


Most African parents want their girls in their matrimonial home by the age of 28 and bouncing baby boys and girls to hold by age 30. The men have it easy with most parents wanting them to be settled by the age of 30, once the big 3-0 has passed the family descends upon the poor guy lol.


Now it is said that we as Africans should marry within our culture in order to have a strong family bond you know Liberians with Liberians, Nigerians with Nigerians and so on. Sometimes it goes as far as same tribe with same tribe in order to gain your families approval for marriage. Well everyone doesn’t agree with that idea, especially those of us raised in an African home in the USA and abroad. I totally believe  you can marry outside of the culture in my eyes just as long as the person is open minded and willing to accept what makes you diverse.


Now many girls feel African men are great providers and will make sure you always have what you want while Americans are seen as the “cheap/stingy” guys. Americans are also seen as free spirited and liberal minded while African men are seen as controlling and closed minded.Don’t get mad at me I’m just the messenger. So the question lies with all of these stereotypes and embedded thoughts of these different groups of people what will you do? Will people be drinking palm wine on your head and have thousands of dollars sprayed on you or have a traditional engagement party?


Here are some tips on African men to help you with the big question “marry African or nah?”

1) Hennessy, dark liquor, Stout, or Heineken or other heavy beers are the drink of choice. First thing you must bring your man after a heavy plate of food at a party…yeah boo just skip over the ciroc and budweiser.


2) Get in the KITCHEN! : You must cook at least a few times a week to please an African man, sorry no burgers and french fries or takeout every night. African men are spoiled by their mother’s cooking and most even though they wont admit it expect it from their wife.

images (12)

3) Half meat and fish and Half rice: Have you ever met an African man that doesn’t like meat or fish?…I know me NEITHER. When you cook, you must add chicken, goat, turkey, or fish in a man’s food, if not it’s not a complete meal…don’t forget the rice either. I’m serious Give him a plate of rice without meat or fish and see the look he will give you. Keep his gut full!


4) Alpha male: African men  want to show how they are a man, they could show it through their fortunes, how they treats you, or by their religious and mental level. In order to stroke his ego you will have to stand down sometimes, listen to him and be submissive.  African men are normally from two parent homes and are taught to be the head of the household. This may not hold true in other cultures. The need to take care of certain obligations for a woman comes naturally for them. In some other cultures independent women are praised and women are praised for taking care of themselves financially.


5) Not into romance, but will put that work in!. I don’t know what it’s like in the open public between you and your African man but I can almost guarantee it’s great behind closed doors, when you guys are… You know what. cough. They may not be the most romantic men (ie buying flowers, writing poems, rose pedals surrounding the house), but they will express the love in the bedroom. Now it is very possible to find sensual men in other cultures, but word around the street is African men seem to have a great knowledge of what makes a girl happy in that department.

Have you like:

giphy (1)

So  will you be wearing a gele or a veil?



Style Appeal: On The Run Slay

Style Appeal OTR Tribe Appeal


Beyonce & Jay-Z are taking the country  by storm with their joint “On The Run Tour”. The gallery of shoes has already brought thousands to arenas in order to be close to the power couple. This ensemble is a great choice if stepping out to see King Bey and HOV.The classic black and white color coordination plays with playful prints with the tights. The bunny ears and hot pink clutch make you stand out. Hey you never know, you may get pulled on stage and be face to face with Bey!

Social Appeal: Deadly Fire Claims Lives of 4 Liberian Children & Displaces 40 In Southwest Philadelphia

Very saddened by this tragedy

A deadly three alarm fire has claimed the lives of four Liberian children and has displaced about 40 people from their homes. The fire took place in Southwest Philadelphia at the 6500 block of Gesner Street at 2:45 a.m on July 5. 10 houses along the block were destroyed as the firefighters tried to contain the blaze. Once the fire was under control the firefighters were able to search homes and found  the bodies of one-month-old Taj Jacque , four-year-old Patrick Sanyeah  and four-year-old twin girls Maria and Marialla Bowah.

The start of the fire is still unknown, but likely started on the front porch of the home the children were inside.The fire spread rapidly according to witnesses and destroyed other homes on the block, displacing more than 40 people. Many people around the world are saddened by this tragic event and have been doing all they can to aid all families involved. If you would like to help there are many avenues to do so. Below is a list of all locations and website links you may donate to and share your condolences.

To donate clothing, shoes or non-perishable food items contact:

  • Christ International Baptist Church, 2210 South 65th Street, Philadelphia, PA 215-729-0214
  • Liberian Association of Pennsylvania, Inc., 1155 South 54th Street, Philadelphia, PA 215-651-9322
  • Saving Grace Orphanage, 4918 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia PA 215-779-5726
  • First Baptist Church of Paschall, 7100 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 215-724-3294

To assist families financially  you may donate to the following links.

We pray the souls of the 4 small children who lost their lives rest in peace and the families find comfort in this grief. Let’s do all we can as a community to help the victims and families recover from this tragic loss.

Beat Of The Week: Trey Songz “Foreign”

American you know I had to cop that foreign



Trey Songz’s baby face is plastered all over this colorful video for his single “Foreign”. In the song he expresses his fondness of women and cars around the globe. Can’t blame him, its just something about those girls with foreign backgrounds haha.  A colorful background is the setting for Trey’s “international playboy” antics. He wears a sleek black wardrobe that shows off his toned body (great eye candy!). Take a look at this great visual to this summer banger!

trey foreign

Style Appeal: Ankara Style!

Here are some great looks showcasing ankara fabric with a twist. Each look has some western style to make it unique.

african fashion 11african fashion 7 african fashion 8african fashion 4


african fashion 5

Social Appeal: Samaritan’s Purse Sending Medical Specialists to Liberia to Fight Deadly Ebola Virus

Let’s do what we can!



The deadliest Ebola outbreak in history has taken place in West Africa. In February and March the outbreak surfaced in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone resulting in dozens of deaths in the countries. The  disease seemed to be under control only to come back with a vengeance in early June claiming more lives. Ebola is a highly contagious disease that causes massive internal bleeding and has an extremely high mortality rate of 60-90 percent.


The Christian relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse is aiding in the fight against Ebola and sending two or possibly more Canadian medical specialists to Liberia. A 14-member Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Assistance Response Team of doctors and nurses from North America will be departing for Liberia this week along with the Canadian specialists.This group will provide medical care to those infected with Ebola and distribute protective clothing, medications, medical supplies and equipment.

SP logo   RGB

Donations are needed to continue in the efforts against Ebola in Liberia. If you would like to donate you may call 1-866-663-6500 or visit Prayers are also welcome!

New Beats: Chris Brown, Usher & Rick Ross “New Flame”

Chris is baaaaccckk!

new flame tribe appeal


Chris Brown rocked the stage last night at the BET Awards and decided to release the full version of “New Flame”. The song definitely has the right title because it is FIRE! Usher and Rick Ross joined the track and definitely brought their artistic geniuses to the table!

Take a listen below: