Date Appeal: Toke Makinwa on Stingy Guys

Make sure the money is in circulation!…This woman tells it like it is and I love it!!


Toke Makinwa gives us another great TokeMoment with her great discussion about stingy men (Watch the video above) .The blog is NOT about men who can not afford to gift his woman, but the big guys who have the finances to do so, but refuse to. You know the guys that have no problem sleeping with you, but have an issue when you need money to buy some new underwear to stay fresh. The ones who talk about all the traveling and shopping they do for themselves and won’t offer you a $100 weekend getaway.The guys who love having the “baddest chick ” in the room on their arms but don’t want to shell the money out buy the the materials (clothes, shoes, bags, hair, cosmetics etc) to keep her appearance up. Yeah those guys, i’m sure you have come across one at one point in your life.


I personally run as far away as I can from stingy people, stinginess is a terrible trait and it’s something i and many other women cant stand! There is a big difference between women who work for their own and enjoy the privilege of their man still taking care of their needs and a girl that completely depends on their significant other for everything. Here’s the thing, when a guy meet an attractive girl who has everything together he should automatically know this girl can obviously take care of herself. A real gentleman recognizes she can do for herself, but will not allow her to if he has the means.  I love that Toke reminds us ladies of the old saying “I can do bad all by myself”.


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