Social Appeal: Obama Plans To Send 3,000 U.S. Troops To Liberia

Kick Ebola Out Of Liberia


Ebola has taken a great toll on not only Liberia, but West Africa as a toll with over 2,400 deaths and thousands of infections. The African community has been begging the international community to aid in the eradication of Ebola out of Africa for good. This outbreak has caused the lives of many Liberians to change drastically as they are protecting themselves from this deadly disease. So you must imagine how happy everyone was to hear that President Obama plans to send 3,000 U.S. troops to a new command center in Liberia, construct 17 health care facilities and train health workers.


The US president held a press conference from The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention in Atlanta, GA to reveal the great news to the world. Obama’s plan includes sending 3,000 US troops to a command center in Monrovia, Liberia to aid Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Senegal in the fight against Ebola. The plan also includes building 17 clinics with 100 beds, train as many as 500 health professionals a week, provide 400,000 home health care kits to households in all affected countries and Carry out a home- and community-based campaign to train local populations on how to handle exposed patients. The president also requested the help of other countries with large resources to help in this situation because this is not only an African problem, but a worldwide problem.


This is great news! People in the countries with Ebola should not relax in their preventative efforts, everyone should continue fighting this disease with all their might! Here are some helpful tips to help kick out Ebola.


Hopefully this awful disease will be gone forever very soon!

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