Luggage Appeal: Take a Trip To the Maldives

This place has a beauty that can’t be explained

Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-1 26

The Maldives is a collection of islands located about 700 km south west of India and Sri Lanka. The double chain of islands are perfectly situated in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean/ Arabian Sea.  Coral reefs are scattered throughout this area and can be explored while staying at one of the resorts located on Emboodhu Finolhu Island, Taj Exotica Spa And Resort.This resort is special, that is for sure. Most of the villas are perched over the lagoon with only a short ladder separating you from a beautiful deck and oh-so-inviting crystal clear water.The resort describes the villas saying “All the villas are palm-thatched, built of finest natural wood finishes on the exteriors and the interiors are delightfully appointed in classic Maldivian style. The villas offer sundecks, and some offer private plunge pools, outdoor showers, verandahs with day beds and private spa rooms. Dark woods, rich textures and vibrant accessories make the time you spend indoors just as beautiful as the time you spend swimming with dolphins or gazing into the infinite horizon.”.

Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-4 25 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-1Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-3Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-4Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-10

The villas are so beautiful, that it would be very easy to spend your whole time in the room especially the presidential suite, but the resort offers a lot of other activities. Shopping is convenient to the resort as well as local entertainment and dining. There are many water activities beach goers may enjoy such as Jet Skiing, Water Skiing, Wake Boarding and Kite Surfing will thrill speed seekers. Catamaran Sailing, Wind Surfing, Paddle Boats and Kayaking complete the surface activities, while snorkeling, diving and using the resort’s Seabob rounds off the underwater adventures. Many people love just lounging on the light colored sand and drinking pina coladas by the ocean, but that’s not all there is to the beach. Live a little and take a trip to the extraordinary Maldives. Check out some of the beauty of the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa.

Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-11 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-8 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-7 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-6 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-2 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-8 24

Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-23 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-15 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-15 17 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-13 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-14 18 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-14 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-13 19 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-12 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-12 20 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-11 21 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-10 22 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-7 28 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-6 27 Taj-Exotica-Resort-and-Spa-in-Maldive-5

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