Beauty Spotlight: Bluffa Jo Cosmetics

Great make-up and skin care products


Bluffa Jo is a cosmetic line founded by celebrity nail and beauty professional, Maisie Dunbar. The Liberian native has many celebrity clients such as Sharon Osbourne, Tyson Beckford, Star Jones Reynolds, Mary Mary, Chaka Khan and more. The cosmetic line prides itself on mineral pigments which is a natural alternative to chemical make up, and does not contain any dyes, oils, talc, alcohol or fragrance.


Bluffa Jo Cosmetics has been featured in Harpers Bazarr, Vogue, and Essence Magazines as well as New York Fashion Week.Skin care products, Lip gloss, foundations, face pigments and more can be purchased at or at Ms. Dunbar’s salon in Silver Spring, MD.

rich-velvet-eye-shader-quad-1360210761 lolai-face-pigment-1360206204 stacy-m-1411443849 big-shot-lip-gloss-1360362607 goddess-foundation-1356061777

Ms. Dunbar is also a business consultant and mentor to young professionals trying to break through in the beauty industry. She has seen much success in the industry and her knowledge is immense on what it takes to be great at your craft. Here are  few videos of the savvy business owner and beauty extraordinaire giving some great tips and advice.


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