Omari Hardwick Defends His Woman!

That’s right Omari! Two handclaps for you!


If we weren’t already in love with this man, we definitely have a great reason to begin falling hard. The Power star took to his twitter yesterday to put all the negative people in his mentions in their place. Some days ago Omari was pictured taking his wife and child out to brunch. The picture received mix reviews from the “Being Maru Jane” stars fans as they attacked his wife and mother of his child in his twitter mentions. A lot of his followers were saying he could do better and were comparing his wife to a man.

omari wife pic American Black Film Festival 2013 - "Let Me Explain" Premiere omari-hardwick-wife

Well Mr. Omari Hardwick did not take lightly to people calling the love of his life names. He was very intelligent when addressing the negativity via his twitter page. He revealed how insensitive people can be and how hard it is having to deal with this as a celebrity.

Omari-Hardwick-tweets Omari-Hardwick-tweets-2 Omari-Hardwick-tweets-3 Omari-Hardwick-tweets-4 Omari-Hardwick-tweets- Omari-Hardwick-tweets-5

The fact that he stood up for his woman is very commendable as there are many famous men in the spotlight who aren’t even claiming their significant others.  They are a beautiful couple and Omari’s actions show they are very strong.

Omari+Hardwick+Stars+Premiere+Party+Boardwalk+TJIimdFPJD4l omari-hardwick-wife-girlfriend-Jae-Jennifer-Pfautch

All ladies need a man like this!


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