DIY Ankara Rope Necklace

Make multiple ropes for a chic and unique look


A new trend in fashion is the ankara (african fabric) rope necklace. Ankara is a traditional fabric that is used in many different fashion accessories, but it really stands out when accenting an outfit as a necklace.

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Love the looks above, well gather your materials and watch the following video to create your own masterpiece.


1/2 Nylon rope

Cardboard template ( 50 m by 6.5 cm)

Loop turner

E-6000 Adhesive


Crimp ribbon ends

Jump rings

Lobster clasp

1/2″ Copper tubing


Rotary Cutter

Sewing machine (Can be handheld)

Now watch the instructions below


There you have it, how to make a beautiful ankara rope necklace. The video teaches you how to make a simple necklace and with your creative design you may design many other beautiful creations.

african-fashion-necklace-2 Assa+cisse+ciaafrique+ankara+ituen+basi+inspired +bead necklace

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