Liberian Men Named Most Handsome Men In Africa!

Well that’s not a surprise, where do you think fine Liberian women come from lol


Our friends over at WWW.ASAVIBE.COM just released their list of the most handsome men in Africa and MAMA LIBERIA has been named the land of the most handsome men in the continent! When you’ve got men like Van Vicker and Artus Frank hailing from Liberia…WHAT did you expect??

images (21)


Nigeria came in at a close #2!. Now I know a lot of Liberian women tend to diss Liberian men when it comes to being serious minded and focused, but one thing you cant take away from them is their looks ;-). The List is as follows:




4. Cameroon

5. Djibouti

6. Somalia

7. Ghana

8. Ethiopia



You can check out the full list over at ASAVIBE


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