Great Tips On How To Become a #SelfieQueen

Is this the story of your life

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With social media being as important as it is in this day and age, #Selfies have become the new necessity. The main feature of these social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) users posting beautiful self portraits everyday and get praise from their friends. We probably just caught you in the middle of  “bathroom photoshoot” lol. Well everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and some people are not the best #selfie takers, this has nothing to do with their looks but their #selfie skills. If you think you are one of those people CONGRATULATIONS you have been accepted into Tribe Appeal’s #SelfieUniversity! Check out the information below to perfect your selfie.

The Basics:

The Gadgets:

1) Hisy ($25): This little Bluetooth-enabled button is a group photo’s BFF. With just a tap, it will take a picture or video from anywhere. Call all of your friends together and tell them to get ready for their closeup. Or farup…


2)4. Samsung NX Mini ($450): For the more serious photogs among us, here’s a “real” camera that lets you take your selfies the old-fashioned way. Kind of. This has a screen that flips 180 degrees so you can snap your mug in 20 megapixels sans smartphone. Even set it up so that it takes the pro pic when you wink at it. Cheese!


3)9. Luuv (approx $259): This camera stabilizer + your smartphone or GoPro are the only things you need to take action-packed, long or short videos of you or friends being the daredevils you all are. It’s crafted to make it easy to hold and shoot yourself(ie) on the go.


The Selfie

There you have it! With these tips and/or gadgets you are guaranteed to have the best selfie ever! Now if you want to opt for a professional photographer to man your social media account (Yes there are people who hire photographers with professional equipment to give them paparazzi treatment for a fee) Then here are some great tips coming straight from models mouth on how to be photogenic and strike the perfect pose.

Class is dismissed!


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