Nancy Grace On Darren Wilson “It Doesnt Add Up”

Nancy Grace is known for unleashing the raw truth

Over the past few days we have all witnessed the aftermath of the grand jury not indicting Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot 18 year old Michael Brown dead. Ferguson, Missouri has seen the unfiltered emotion’s of its citizens through peaceful protests and riots. New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, London and many other cities have joined together and hosted peaceful protests in order to ammend the decision of the grand jury. Many people are frustrated because they feel there are multiple holes in the officer’s story and Nancy Grace is one of those people. As she looks at the evidence as an experienced prosecutor she sees many holes in his story, as many other lawyers and prosecutors have pointed out. Listen to what she has to say above!

In all this we just hope justice prevails and we pray for the Brown family during this tragedy.

What are your thoughts?


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