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Purse Appeal: 20 Successful Habits Learned After Working For Two Billionaires (Link)

Purse Appeal: 20 Successful Habits Learned After Working For Two Billionaires


This article gives an account by Paul C. Brunson on what he learned after working for Oprah and Enver Yucel. The habits are very helpful and are all things we should all start this minute. Remember to read part 2 which is at the end of the tenth habit. Let’s move on down the road to financial freedom!


Date Appeal: 10 Ways To Have a Flirty Summer!

Get the relationship you’ve always wanted this summer!


summer love 2

This summer is going to be scorching hot and why not turn up the heat this summer with a new boo. I know your parents are bugging you about drinking palm wine on your head and receiving a bride price. The pressure is on and you don’t even have a serious relationship let alone preparing to get married! Well singles take notes because there are some fun and interesting things you can do to have a fun relationship this summer that may last a lifetime!

summer love 3

Here are 10 great ideas that will help grab that special someone.

1)  Switch Your Type Up: Look outside of your “type”, if you are into “bad boys” consider a “nerd” or good guy for a date.

2) Flirt: Step up your flirt game  and master the three second gaze, Now you don’t have to tackle the person down with your eyes, but catch your target’s eyes  for three seconds. One your eyes have met look down or away and smile. The smile seals the deal.

summer love 6

3) Reel Them In: Get your interest to help you out with an upcoming event. Invite them to a volunteer/ charity event that way you get to see them and support a great cause!

4)Get Cozy: How about a beautiful picnic underneath the stars?

summer love 4

5) Double Up!: Go on a blind double date, ask a friend who is coupled up to set you up with a friend. If anything goes wrong you have a friend to laugh about it with.

6) Impress the friends: We all know friends can make or break a budding relationship. Get in good with the friends and you’re in good with your new boo.

summer love 9

7) Pic Battle: Snapchat is a great app to host this war of the pics. Send each other pics back and forth. You can even start a “who snaps the funniest pic” competition.

8) Make Them Remember You: make grand entrances and even badder exits! Say something funny before leaving. Don’t forget to toss your hair and look back with a wink.

summer love 5

9) Get Your One on One Time: spend quality time together getting to learn one another. Get  them to teach  you something new like painting .

summer love 7

10) Get Over Your Ex: Whether your last breakup was last December or two weeks ago STOP posting subliminals on social media. Get over it and move on to bigger and better things!

summer love 8



Extravagant Life Appeal: Great Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Now we all joke about “CP time”, but as an African I know “African time” is double that! So you’ve found yourself gift-less on Father’s Day  and you will be in your father’s face at Sunday family dinner or even worse church brunch. What are you to do now that “African time” has put you in a bind?  Well Tribe Appeal is here to help you grab a gift your daddy and your wallet will love.

Items Include

Dre Beats: Your father will enjoy those long plane rides and morning runs a lot better with these headphones in his ear.

Traditional Fabric Bow Tie: Dad can spice up his normal attire with this unique bow tie.

Manicure Set In Leather Pouch: This stylish gift idea will keep your dad’s manly hands as appealing as a man that’s never picked a tool up in his life.

Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa: Ever look at your dad’s feet like “man you need a pedicure!” Well now with your gift Dad can have an in home pedicure without the risk of his colleagues seeing him walk out of the nail salon.

Boxers: A man can’t have enough clean underwear, he will appreciate it.

Bleu De Chanel Cologne For Men: This cologne is a classic and is definitely geared towards the sophisticated man , Your father will adore his new scent and think of you every time he sprays it on.

Apple TV: Men are very visual and your dad will love his new Apple TV . Dad will have immediate access to thousands of movies, TV shows, sports channels, music personal photos, and more at his finger tips.

Drive an Exotic Car on A Racetrack: Give your dad the chance to drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari at lightening fast speeds without being pulled over. Your dad will love the chance at hopping in one of these hot wheels and experiencing a thrill ride. You can do this for under $200 over at

Weekend Getaway: Your dad does so much and deserves some alone time. Gift your dad a hotel room suite in your city or away for the weekend. You can find great deals on Groupon and LivingSocial.

Hurry you’ve only got a few hours to get dad’s present together and with any of Tribe Appeal’s picks your dad is sure to love your gift!






Luggage Appeal (Travel): A Monrovia Getaway

YES it is  that time again school  is out for the summer and your vacation time has built up. Now you could go to Hawaii, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Europe , but that would be so regular! Dare to be different and discover a new tropical destination to unwind in. Now its time to plan a great vacation and what better place to spend your summer than in Monrovia, Liberia. If you are looking for a tropical destination with friendly people and beautiful beaches, Liberia is calling you.  Monrovia has so much to offer a tourist whether it is your introduction to the continent of Africa or another stop on your itinerary.

The 4 star RLJ Kendeja Resort and Villas in Monrovia is the perfect place to make your temporary home while on your getaway. There are many amenities afforded to guests at an amazing rate.





Pool Area @ RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas


rlj 3

The resort’s grounds



aaaahhh doesn’t that bed look relaxing



Dining area at RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas


The beach is only steps away





Experience the culture with traditional dancers


Monrovia, Liberia

Shop til you drop at some of the local markets and boutiques in the city. Grab that ankara fabric and lace you’ve always wanted.


Enjoy a bowl of jollof rice at one of the many restaurants in Monrovia.


lberia musu's

Have some fun and visit Musu’s Bar in the evening


What are you waiting for go and book that ticket you know you want to 🙂


Purse Appeal: #GirlBoss Nasty Gal CEO Sheds Some Light On How To Succeed In Business



Nasty Gal is a very popular online retailer that provides an array of stylish and unique fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. I personally love the store because everything you find there is unlike anything else on the web. This company began as a successful Ebay store that specialized in vintage items. Once the Ebay store became very popular and profitable the website NastyGal.Com was born.  The popular American online retailer has gained a heap of success, being named “fastest growing retailer” by INC magazine in 2012. Nasty Gal made a revenue close to $100 million  in 2013, not bad for a company with Ebay beginnings.


The success of Nasty Gal is almost as interesting as its Greek American founder Sophia Amoruso. Amoruso’s story is so intriguing that she knew she had to write a book, #GirlBoss,  for women aspiring to achieve their dreams. Amoruso started her Ebay store by herself, she styled, photographed, captioned and shipped each product herself. Her one woman show  grew into a multimillionaire dollar business. Now we all don’t have millionaires we can call for some advice, but we sure can go to or Barnes & Noble and pick up #GirlBoss! This “Rags to Riches” or what I like to call “Fab to Fab with Riches” story is a great motivator for anyone to put their grown up drawers on an GET TO WORK!


Extravagant Life Appeal: How To Become A Millionaire By Age 30 (Link)

Extravagant Life Appeal: How To Become A Millionaire By Age 30 (Link)

Today I ran across a very interesting article over at on how to become a millionaire by age 30. As Africans it is not uncommon to be asked by your parents at age 7 or 8 “How do you plan  to become a millionaire?”. For those that did not have an answer to the question or who are currently working on their genius ___ year plan Grant Cardone is here to help. Cardone suggests investing early, getting a millionaire mentor and making your money work for you through stocks, real estate and other avenues.( Click On The Link Above To Read The Article)

So what is stopping you from becoming a millionaire by age 30? Absolutely nothing! Get out there and make that million dollar dream or idea your REALITY!