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Beauty Appeal: Achieve The Perfect Eyebrows!

Eyebrows are to women what hairlines are to men.



There is nothing like walking down the street or scrolling down your timeline and seeing someone’s atrocious eyebrows. It’s almost shocking, you ask yourself  “did they not look at themselves before walking out of the house or posting this nonsense?”. I know I’ve asked myself that question many a time! There are people who over highlight with concealer, people who shave their natural brows off to draw them in, there is the asymmetrical group and much more. There is hope those eyebrows can be saved and snatched!


They say when you know better you’ll do better, so here are some great tips at achieving the perfect look.

Before we start these are the essential tools you will need to complete your look.


1) Symmetry is everything when filling in (notice I said filling in not drawing on) your eyebrows. Follow your natural eyebrow shape and use your brow bone as a guide. Look at the pics below

eyebrow6  eye eyebrow 5


2)  Use a concealer that matches your skin tone. Do not use a color that is too light, this gives you “highlighter brows”.


3) Use the right shade of eyebrow pencil or powder. It is preferable to use a color that matches your hair color. You should choose a pencil color that is one or two shades lighter than your hair if you have dark hair  and one or two shades darker if you have light hair. No black pencils pleeeaasse!



4)Do not overdo the pencil or concealer, use just enough to get a desired look. Less is more!

eyebrow 35) Complete the look with a mascara applicator and blend any harsh lines.

Practice makes perfect, don’t be afraid to try this out until you find a method that works for you!