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Beat of The Week: G-Rize Feat Chris DeShield “LIB Ladies”

For my LIB girls dem! #LiberianGirlsRock

Rising Liberian artist G-Rize has brought us another hit along with smooth crooner Chris DeShield called “LIB Ladies”. The video not only brings light to Liberia’s amazing talent, but our great fashion. The two super stars rock outfits with a hint of African print, while the lovely models dazzle viewers with custom made ankara and kente print pieces. Everything is on point in this video from the fashion, to the vocals and locations. This is a great song to rock with your fellow LIB or African sisters period! We can’t wait to see more from both great artists!


2015: The Year Of Progression

Tribe Appeal Welcomes 2015 With A Special Message


Today is January 20, 2015, It has been about 3 weeks since the new year rung in and about a month since the site was updated! Now before I go on I would like to share a beautiful saying that goes a little something like this…”When you fail to plan, you plan to FAIL!”.I DECLARE FAILURE IS NOT OUR PORTION FOR 2015 OR ANY OTHER YEAR! We here at Tribe Appeal know that this year is a year of progression and in order to solidify this concept we have planned. The past month was a solid month of planning, brainstorming, and gaining clarity for a better year. We suggest everyone does this, take some time out to evaluate your past (don’t dwell on it) , FOCUS on your present and PLAN for your future!


2015 is a wonderful and exciting year I feel it and I hope you feel it! Thank you all for continuing to visit the site and I wish you all the best this year!

Christmas Nail Art: Santa & Rudoplph Nails

Get in the holiday spirit with some festive DIY nail art

christmas-nails reindeer-nails

Now that the holidays are literally right around the corner you can definitely begin expressing your joy for the season. Some may showcase their spirit through their clothing and hair, but others who want to show off a holiday manicure are out there too. In this tutorial nail guru “The crafty ninja” brings us an easy DIY Santa and Rudolph manicure. All you need are the correct nail polish colors and a nail art dotter (If you do not own one of these tools the end of a bobby pin will work just fine 🙂 ) Check out this beautiful nail artwork and try it on yourself for the season!

Throw The Most Epic Christmas Party!

The ultimate guide to throwing an EPIC Christmas party


This is the time of year when we deck the halls, put up a tree, climb up in the attic or garage and bring out the ornaments and get everything ready for the holidays. This is also the time when everyone you know has a Christmas party and they all decide to hold them on the same night!

Come to think of it, a mobile app that shows when all of your friends are thinking about having a party so that you could schedule YOUR party some other time, would be a great new product. I’ll get on that just as soon as this blog is posted.

Have you ever noticed that some holiday parties are way more fun than others? Why? It’s really pretty simple. Some people are better at entertaining than others. They think creatively about the party experience. Conversely, some people are better at being entertained than others.

If you’re not that great at giving parties, there’s still hope. Like most things in life, all it takes is a good plan and the determination to execute it. Here are some ideas on ways to throw a better Christmas party.

First of all draw up a budget!
December is an expensive month. No-one wants to be broke before they pay bills, do the monthly food shop and buy presents for their loved ones, so know what you can afford and cut your coat according to your size.


Decide on the venue
You have to consider where you’d like to host the party, in my opinion the home, is more intimate. A Christmas party is a good opportunity to get people to know you better and what better way than to invite them into your personal space! There’s also something really warm about inviting people to your home.

christmas p a

Guest size/guest list:
After you have decided on the venue you have to consider the capacity and the number of guests. Make sure you don’t invite more people than the space can accommodate. This brings me to your guest list. Now you don’t want “drama” at your party if it is an intimate affair so make sure you invite people that like each other; family, close friends and their dates or spouses.

On the flipside, if you are having a jump-off then the more the merrier, invite everyone you know: Friends, co-workers, your BBM contact list, you decide…once that is clear the list becomes easy.

Personally, we never exclude the children from our gatherings with friends, especially at Christmas, but if you prefer not to, specify on the invitation that it is for adults only. This will give everyone enough time to counsel their nannies or organise the kids to be dropped off at grandma’s.

Alternatively, you could hire an entertainer for the day to take care of all the kids that attend. Again if your budget will not stretch that far then engage them with face painting, a Christmas raffle draw, musical chairs, and a dancing competition. Kids are really easy to please, and your friends will thank you for being so thoughtful.

Elegant  holiday table setting with red ribboned gift

There is so much inspiration at this time of the year. There are loads of Christmas decorations and accessories out there, and it’s easy to go to the stores and get what you need. But feel free to hire a decorator if you need help.

Set up the table and decorate a day in advance. This will give you time to purchase whatever is missing to make your table and rooms look beautiful. Leave glasses until the last minute so they don’t gather lint and dust particles overnight. After setting the table, check around to make sure everything is clean especially in the areas where guests will be mingling.

Don’t forget to spray your house with insecticide, nobody wants to be having dinner and also serve their ankles as dinner to a swarm of hungry mosquito’s who have strategically positioned themselves under the dining table.

Having the right look for the house is important in order to get your guests in the mood to be merry. While it’s not necessary to transform your home into a winter wonderland, tasteful Christmas decorations on a real tree will go a long way towards building ambiance. You don’t need a full-sized train that runs through the house carrying guests from room-to-room, but any cool, old toys add to the feeling of Christmas.

A few years ago, as couple that were known to give the best parties invited us for the Christmas shindig and they did a couple of things that were very cool. First, they had the classic black and white movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” (with the volume down) running on their big screen TV in one room and “A Christmas Carol” (again, volume down) running on another TV. This was an immediate conversation starter because everyone has a story associated with either these stories or Christmases that they have had in the past.

The other thing they did was tie their party to a kid’s charity. Every guest was asked to bring an unwrapped gift for a specific age range of kids and all of these gifts were taken to the charity for kids that would have otherwise not had a great Christmas. Having all of these toys sitting under the tree was a very cool effect for the party.

christmas party

Save the date/ Invitation
Invite guests in advance. There’ll be lots of parties around this time, the Christmas engagement calendar fills up fast and you want to get your party on the roster. Send the ‘save the date’ well in advance so your party takes priority.

Africans by nature do not RSVP, so if everyone hasn’t responded a week from the date, contact them with a quick message. Make sure you prepare a few extras as people tend to bring friends along sometimes and if you’d rather they didn’t, please indicate it in the invitation in the best possible polite way. For sit-down formal dinners, having an accurate head count is necessary to be sure there is enough seating for everyone.

christmas party food

Decide what kind of meal and the style of service, is it buffet? Sit down meal? Whatever you decide you have to plan for it in advance. Your budget will determine whether to cook or cater. Feel free to hire a catering company or get a friend or family member if you feel you need help with the cooking. Some people work till the last days of the holidays and may not have time to shop or cook, or let’s face it; you may not necessarily be able to cook everything on your menu, so get real!

If you chose to do the cooking yourself make sure you plan your menu in advance so when your guests arrive, everything is set. Keep the menu simple and opt for a buffet presentation instead of table service, allowing guests to “help” you this way.

To make your life simpler and make your guests comfortable, prepare a table with a beautiful tray with glasses, napkins and the drinks you’ll be serving. Serve your guests’ first glass to welcome them and let them know they can help themselves at any time.




More often than not, Christmas parties are just “meet and greet” events with very little fun. Think about the birthday parties you went to as a kid. Would any mom or dad in their right mind throw a birthday party without planning some fun stuff to do? Of course not. OK, here are three ideas to get your holiday party started.

#1 Hire a Santa with a BIG personality. Encourage your guests to sit on his knee and tell him (a) if they’ve been naughty or nice (have him insist that they tell him why), (b) what they want for Christmas this year and why. Be sure that there is a microphone nearby so that everyone can hear everything that’s being said and set up a video camera on a tripod to tape every encounter. Then post the best of these videos on your Facebook page for all your friends to remember the party. Not surprisingly, the comments are often outrageous and always hysterical and they get better as the hour gets later!

#2 Have a contest for the ugliest Christmas sweater, tie or other apparel and be sure to include reference to the contest on the invitation. This will ensure that you will have plenty of contestants because everyone has a tasteless, but FESTIVE sweater, tie or shirt. This will also provide some great Facebook postings after the party.

#3 Give every guest their own stocking stuffed with party favors as they are leaving the party. You can find inexpensive Christmas stockings at any party store and the goodies can be anything from fruit, candy, little toys, pocketknives for the guys and diaries for the girls.

Holiday parties can be a blast and with digital cameras, the fun can keep going for days on your social networks. Let us know if you used any of these ideas and how your guests responded.

Ice breakers
Introduce your guests when they arrive, especially if you feel they don’t know each other “Shade meet Ngozi, you remember when you said you needed someone to bake your daughter’s cake? She bakes delicious cakes!” That usually helps to break the ice and encourages your shy guests to mingle.

Finally, get yourself ready a good hour before your guests are set to arrive. The last thing you want after so much preparation is to look stressed out when welcoming your friends and colleagues in.

Make sure you check your restroom and include a small candle or flower arrangement in there. Place a small basket with items that guest may need  – from personal care to over-the-counter pain relievers.

A Christmas party is a nice way to relax with family and friends you don’t see much of during the year. Everyone has a chance to show off their best holiday clothes and share good laughs.

Have fun, take lots of pictures, and enjoy the party!

Toke Makinwa Brings Us Girl Code: Thou Shall Not…

Trust TokeMoments to give us the real deal every Wednesday. In a recent vlog Toke tackled the subject of the unsaid “girl code”, you know the hidden rules of being a great friend that every girl should know. Most girls know and follow it, some girls know the code and choose to ignore it and others are completely clueless. Toke broke the infamous girl code to the “T” so girlfriends can continue being girlfriends in peace. Take a look at the video above!

DIY Ankara Rope Necklace

Make multiple ropes for a chic and unique look


A new trend in fashion is the ankara (african fabric) rope necklace. Ankara is a traditional fabric that is used in many different fashion accessories, but it really stands out when accenting an outfit as a necklace.

il_570xN.621104537_dhbv il_340x270.611600470_pmn7 il_340x270.621047840_5g96 71067

Love the looks above, well gather your materials and watch the following video to create your own masterpiece.


1/2 Nylon rope

Cardboard template ( 50 m by 6.5 cm)

Loop turner

E-6000 Adhesive


Crimp ribbon ends

Jump rings

Lobster clasp

1/2″ Copper tubing


Rotary Cutter

Sewing machine (Can be handheld)

Now watch the instructions below


There you have it, how to make a beautiful ankara rope necklace. The video teaches you how to make a simple necklace and with your creative design you may design many other beautiful creations.

african-fashion-necklace-2 Assa+cisse+ciaafrique+ankara+ituen+basi+inspired +bead necklace

Business Week: Better Your Budget!

Day 2 of Business Week At Tribe Appeal is here!

Before any business is brought to life finances must be in place, in most cases projected ahead of time. As a young woman in these trying economic times it may be hard to come up with the capital to begin turning that business idea in your head into reality. While there are many ways to gain financial assistance when starting a business (grants, loans, angel investments etc) you must have good money management skills or else that money will disappear with little to show for it. Budgeting money for your business is extremely important and it starts with you as a person. Here are six very easy steps to budgeting your money in a positive way!


Step 1: The 30-Day Look-Back


It’s up to you to keep track of your money, as well as your spending. So, how do you determine whether or not you’re in a good position when it comes to your money? Well, you’re the best judge when it comes to how you feel and your own spending behavior. Therefore, it’s a must that you know exactly how you’ve been dishing out that cash. And, according to Dominique Reese, there’s a fool-proof technique to help you get some insight on the way you spend. She calls it a ‘30-Day Look Back:

  • Pull out all of those receipts and your bank statements for the last 30 days.
  • Make categories for all the stuff you spent money on, including the total amounts of each. Be sure to include electronic transfers, ACH debits and checks written (if you still write those).
  • Include a category to track income for those 30 days, as well.

Step 2: Track Your Spending


Tracking is a personal finance technique Domonique Reese  uses to help clients understand their spending behavior. She calls it the “holy grail of budgeting.” It’s extremely simple to do, once you get in the habit. The hardest part in the beginning is simply remembering to write down everything you spend. But, once it becomes habit, you will start to see results.

So, how does tracking your spending work?

  • Every single time your bank account sees an outflow, such as an ACH, electronic transfer or you write a check, track it by writing it down.
  • Each and every time you spend any amount of money, track it.
  • When the week ends, categorize all of the money you spent that week, including the dollar amounts.

Step 3: Update Your Written Budget


The only way for you to practice budgeting is to actually create a budget. What is a budget?Simply put, it’s a written document outlining:

  • All incoming money
  • Where it’s all coming from
  • All money going out
  • What it’s going out on/for/to

One of the biggest keys to creating a budget is understanding that it must be in writing. Having your budget in your head is not effective. And, you will never reach your budgeting goals that way.

So, with that said, now it’s time for you to update your budget using the tips you’ve learned so far in steps 1 & 2:

  • Update your expenses categories on your 30-Day Look Back
  • Make sure there is a total dollar amount for each expense category of your 30-Day Look Back
  • Create a written budget
  • Transfer the expenses dollar amounts from your 30-Day Look Back to your written budget

Step 4: Determine Your Budgeting Frequency


Hopefully, you’ve already taken the steps laid out for you in steps 1, 2 & 3. If not, you really should before moving on to determining your frequency. Now, let’s focus on the budgeting techniques that will win you the very best results.

You have to determine how often you will do you budgeting. As of now, you have data on your income and expenses for the last 30 days. For the average working woman, that equals out to two pay periods worth of expenses and income. In that case, you would create a budget every two weeks.


However, it is advised that you start off budgeting personal finances every week. Then, once you’ve become comfortable going through the steps about 3-5 times, then you can switch it up. From there, you can do you budgeting bi-weekly, monthly, even quarterly, if that’s what’s best for your personal finance needs.

You must determine your budgeting frequency, based on what’s best for you, financially. If your financial situation is a hot mess right now, then go with budgeting everyday if you have to, then graduate after a few weeks. Starting off budgeting daily can really help to improve your personal finance situation. Either way, no matter which budgeting frequency you choose, make sure it’s one you can commit to, and do it consistently.

Step 5: Choose the Right Type of Budget for You


Now, you have to determine the type of budget that’s best for your personal finance needs. Here are a few common choices for creating personal finance budgets:

  • Pen and paper
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Access database
  • Personal finance software (Quicken)
  • Personal finance app (Mint)

In time, as you review your budgets and 30-Day Look Backs, you will start to notice spending patterns. Your budgeting results will reflect your spending behavior, as well as your saving behavior (if it exists). But, until you put your personal finance budget in writing, there’s no way to visually “see” the ups and downs of your saving, spending and budgeting.

Step 6: Pay Attention to Your Money Story

African Business Woman with Computer

“Your money tells a story and the numbers never lie.” So, what is the story your money has been trying to tell you? What’s your money story?

Well, now you have numbers (exact amounts spent) to track your spending. And, you know exactly what you spent your money on (expenses categories). So, what’s the personal finance money story?

  • How much was your total income?
  • How much of that (and more) did you spend?
  • Are you spending more than you’re earning?
  • On what people, places and things do you spend the most?
  • On what people, places and things do you spend the least?
  • What about your spending behavior shocked you?
  • Do you often spend on the exact same things?
  • Are there things you can avoid spending on or at least reduce the amount spent?
  • Did you find that certain expenses had emotions tied to them?
  • Were you able to notice a drop or spike in your spending?
  • If so, how many times did the drop and/or spike occur? And, why?

Answering the questions above will help you write your own money story. Once you’ve written your money story, we’d love for you to share it with us.