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Tiara Thomas Releases New Song “One Night”

This girl has got it!

2014 BET Experience At L.A. LIVE - Gifting Suite - Day 2

Many of us first heard of Tiara Thomas after hearing her vocals on Wale’s smash hit “Bad”. After hearing her sultry voice paired with acoustics we became instant fans.Her single “Tell Me Something” really grabbed our attention and had us wanting more. Tiara, who is signed to Rico Love’s Division 1 record label just released her single from her upcoming album “One Night”.This fashionista is someone to watch as her songwriting is something to contend with in this generation of meaningless songs. She mixes her singing with some raw rapping that creates instant magic.


The song is so catchy (thanks to Rico’s amazing producing)  and definitely spills the truth when it comes to females and that special one.Take a listen to Tiara telling it like it is.


Outfit Of The Day: Menswear

Don’t worry fellas we haven’t forgotten about you

Tribe Appeal Menswear OOTD

We definitely have to show the men some styling love and couldnt resist putting this fun preppy look together. This outfit features PACSUN trousers, a rustic collared shirt by Carhatt Herman, a fun and colorful bow tie from Brooks Brothers and blue suede shoes from Schoshoes. This is an awesome city look and can be worn during the day or at night. Top this look off with a luxury or luxury looking watch and a triby hat. This simple but clean look is wonderful for any body type and will definitely have the man wearing this feeling like the “man of the hour”.

Entertainment Appeal: Who Is Mapei?

The Liberian diaspora is rising to the top!


Who is Mapei?, well she’s a Liberian American who you should keep your eye on!The songstress not only has beautiful vocal talent, but killer style. Mapei, a fully Liberian name with Bassa roots is a name you should familiarize yourself with because from the sound of her single “Dont Wait” she will be around for a while.



The stylish singer was born to a Liberian mother in Providence, Rhode Island. When she was ten her family moved to Sweden, where she splits her time between the US. Mapei’s style is definitely influenced by her Liberian and Swedish roots. We love that her style isn’t easily defined and her culture can be seen on her person.  Hey Hey is the title of her upcoming album that will include hit singles like “Don’t Wait” and “Change”. “Don’t Wait” has had such great reviews that it has been selected as Itunes’ “Single of The Week”. Check out her single on Itunes and preorder Hey Hey today! You will be so glad you did!


Check out her amazing video for the hit single “Dont Wait”

Social Appeal: Deadly Fire Claims Lives of 4 Liberian Children & Displaces 40 In Southwest Philadelphia

Very saddened by this tragedy

A deadly three alarm fire has claimed the lives of four Liberian children and has displaced about 40 people from their homes. The fire took place in Southwest Philadelphia at the 6500 block of Gesner Street at 2:45 a.m on July 5. 10 houses along the block were destroyed as the firefighters tried to contain the blaze. Once the fire was under control the firefighters were able to search homes and found  the bodies of one-month-old Taj Jacque , four-year-old Patrick Sanyeah  and four-year-old twin girls Maria and Marialla Bowah.

The start of the fire is still unknown, but likely started on the front porch of the home the children were inside.The fire spread rapidly according to witnesses and destroyed other homes on the block, displacing more than 40 people. Many people around the world are saddened by this tragic event and have been doing all they can to aid all families involved. If you would like to help there are many avenues to do so. Below is a list of all locations and website links you may donate to and share your condolences.

To donate clothing, shoes or non-perishable food items contact:

  • Christ International Baptist Church, 2210 South 65th Street, Philadelphia, PA 215-729-0214
  • Liberian Association of Pennsylvania, Inc., 1155 South 54th Street, Philadelphia, PA 215-651-9322
  • Saving Grace Orphanage, 4918 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia PA 215-779-5726
  • First Baptist Church of Paschall, 7100 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 215-724-3294

To assist families financially  you may donate to the following links.

We pray the souls of the 4 small children who lost their lives rest in peace and the families find comfort in this grief. Let’s do all we can as a community to help the victims and families recover from this tragic loss.

Purse Appeal: 20 Successful Habits Learned After Working For Two Billionaires (Link)

Purse Appeal: 20 Successful Habits Learned After Working For Two Billionaires


This article gives an account by Paul C. Brunson on what he learned after working for Oprah and Enver Yucel. The habits are very helpful and are all things we should all start this minute. Remember to read part 2 which is at the end of the tenth habit. Let’s move on down the road to financial freedom!

Extravagant Life Appeal: How To Become A Millionaire By Age 30 (Link)

Extravagant Life Appeal: How To Become A Millionaire By Age 30 (Link)

Today I ran across a very interesting article over at businessinsider.com on how to become a millionaire by age 30. As Africans it is not uncommon to be asked by your parents at age 7 or 8 “How do you plan  to become a millionaire?”. For those that did not have an answer to the question or who are currently working on their genius ___ year plan Grant Cardone is here to help. Cardone suggests investing early, getting a millionaire mentor and making your money work for you through stocks, real estate and other avenues.( Click On The Link Above To Read The Article)

So what is stopping you from becoming a millionaire by age 30? Absolutely nothing! Get out there and make that million dollar dream or idea your REALITY!