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How To: Make An Ankara Skirt And/Or Dress

Elle Varner ankara styles

Express your own style with a custom made skirt or dress

One thing about being a lover of African fashion is depending on what’s hot in RTW (ready to wear) it is very hard to find a clothing piece made of African fabric. We can not go to any store and easily pick up a gown made of Ankara or Kente cloth. So to a tailor and/or fashion designer we go, but this method can be very costly and sometimes the quality of the clothing isn’t what you expected. They say when you want something done right, you should do it yourself. Well Tribe Appeal has gathered some information from Fashioncadet.com and BritxBrat2Fashion to guide you into creating your own custom African fashion piece! Grab those materials and get to work!


1) A piece of fabric of your choice

2) Your choice of skirt for pattern

3) A zipper

4) Sewing pins

5) Scissors

6) Chalk/pencil

7)Sewing machine or thread & needle




  1. Place the fabric on a table or flat surface.
  2. Fold the fabric in half
  3. Place the skirt on top of the folded fabric to get the skirt pattern
  4. Mark the pattern using a piece of chalk or pencil
  5. Cut out the fabric according to the pattern and start sewing
  6. Pin the zipper to the back of the skirt (If you want the zipper to show, place it on the outside of the skirt)


Now if you would like to make a dress, you may apply the same technique used above and also watch the video below.

25 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming around the corner 

Amber Rose celebrates her birthday with a surprise costume themed party

With Halloween  so near there are so many ladies with absolutely no idea what to wear to that costume party. Divas out there have a budget and also want to look fabulous, so Tribe Appeal comes to the rescue with do it yourself costumes that wont  take a lot of time or have you breaking the bank.

1) The easiest costumes are made with headbands. You may find bunny ears, cats, mouse, witch hats etc applied on headbands. All you need to do is put the headband on and boom there goes your costume.

halloween 23 witch-halloween-headband1



2) a maxi skirt, bra-let, colorful makeup  and under the sea inspired gold jewelry can create an easy DIY mermaid costume.





3)Lover of Audrey Hepburn?, well grab your little black dress, long black gloves and other accessories to create this Breakfast At Tiffany’s look.

halloween25 halloweein

4) Helga from Hey Arnold is a super easy and fun costume, grab a blonde wig, eyeline, a white tee, pink  dress and hair bow and create a Arnold necklace with a printable picture and string and there you have it costume complete.


5) Black Swan Costume only requires a black tank and tutu or dress, ribbon and a great hand with makeup.

halloween5 196bf9db0440e1f9f67a5b73cf179deb

6) The Lashed beauty bar owner Blac Chyna has been making headlines as of recent. Dress up as her with a blonde wig with bangs, formfitting outfit, a big rock on your finger, long eyelashes,  stick back rhinestones (for the dimple piercings, and some cushions or cotton balls to recreate her insane body.



6) Become an instagram selfie with a posterboard, print offs, glue, scissors and box cutter.




7) Fashionistas can create a costume with a spare fashion label bad and a magazine (Harper’s Bazaaar and Vogue are best.


8) Candy Crush Saga is a big craze in or day and time and you can become it . Check out the tutorial below


9) Become a greek god or goddess with a simple flat white bedsheet and accessories to give it some flavor.




10) Sexy burgular only requires a black hat, mask and a money bag



11) Katy Perry costumes requires a blue wig, 2 cone party hats, cotton balls and 2 red felt balls along with glitter sprinkles and blue shorts


12) Miley Cyrus costume



13) Pixel Naked lady costume requires posterdoard, cut out colored squares and velcro




14) Playboy bunny costume only requires a set of bunny ears, cotton ball tail and a black one piece


15) Bring out your inner Tyra Banks and become a Victoria’s Secret Angel with your best lingerie, victorias secret bag and angel wings.


16) Gumball machine costume only requires assorted color felt balls and fabric glue. grab red bottoms to complete the look.


17) Candy corn queen costume may be created by just glueing candy corn to your  chosen outfit and pairing it with a tutu.


18) Country western girl with a plaid shirt, denim shorts and a cowboy hat YEE-HAW!


19) Jack Daniel’s girls with a Jack Daniel’s box and attached straps.


20) Poison Ivy costume with green plant garland and green paint


21) Ying and Yang Costume with cutouts and craft store jewels


22) Minnie Mouse Costume created with minnie mouse ears, white felt and a hair bow.

halloween 2 correct


23) Party animals costume can be created with your stylish outfit and face paint in animal prints


24) Become a paper doll with a quick stop to Kinkos/ Fed Ex, a posterboard, glue, scissors and velcro


25) Become Princess Leia with the purchase of two hair buns and a chic white dress.