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Business Week: Building The Brand With Keyshia Kaoir

Keyshia Ka’oir is a powerhouse to learn from



Keyshia Kaoir recently built a million dollar company through her perseverance and popularity as a model. This Jamaican born businesswoman followed her own rules and created Kaoir Cosmetics which features bright color lipsticks, glitter pots and eye shadows.


Early this year I came across a documentary series this diva created surrounding how she turned a small investment and dream into a million dollar business on her own.  Check the 3 part series out below:


After watching this documentary in full there is no way you cant be inspired to follow your dreams. Business Week has begun at Tribe Appeal. This week we will be giving you tips, advice and inspiration that deal specifically with building a business from the ground up. Make sure to check back everyday and get started on that dream/idea you have in your head.





Trina Sets The Record Straight On The BreakFast Club

Reasons why we LOVE Katrina Laverne Taylor


Well if you didn’t know about this whole French Montana situation, let us gist you really fast. See Miss Trina (the self proclaimed baddest b*tch)  was speculated to be dating French Montana when he popped up and started claiming Khloe Kardashian as his girlfriend. Now the pot gets hotter as Khloe Kardashian was an close associate of Trina’s. Trina is very good friends with Lala Anthony and Kim Kardashian, who is Khloe’s elder sister.


Trina remained silent about the situation for a while, but decided to break her silence after French Montana went on Wendy Williams and had this to say watch below ( Right around the 1:10 mark)

Well, all Trina fans can trust her for clapping back and Mr. French was no exception to that rule. Trina decided to set the record straight on the New York radio show The Breakfast Club. Trina definitely showed us why she is so relateable because she was going through a real situation that many women go through and handled it like a mature adult. We also got great insight into Trina’s dating life.

Even the baddest chicks go through dating turmoil, but we all rise up into greatness it only takes time.


7 Ways To Tell If He Really Loves You!

If you’re unsure about that certain guy this will help you figure it out



1. He Treats You Well
A guy who loves you is considerate of your feelings, needs and desires. He makes them as important as his desires and needs. He is concerned with your well-being and will do things to make your life better, sometimes going out of his way to do so. Not only does he treat you well, he is also good to your family and friends.

2. He Is Generous With His Time
He doesn’t let too much time go by without seeing you. When he is available, he wants to be with you and chooses to spend his time with you. If you’re in a long distance relationship, he is spending time with you whenever your schedules allow. And you are together during major holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

3. He Makes You A Priority
You are at the forefront of his mind and he maintains contact in between the times you see each other. He considers you when making decisions and is considerate about doing things you want to do. When speaking, he uses “we” instead of “I”, and includes you in his future plans.

4. He Cares For You
A guy who loves you is genuinely happy for you when good things happen to you. He is compassionate when you’re going through challenges. This guy is there for you in the good and not so good times. He thinks about you and surprises you with tokens of affection outside of your birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. He will also challenge you by calling you out on stuff to help you become a better person.

5. He Wants People To Know About You
He is affectionate with you in public by holding your hand, putting his arm around you and/or hugging you. He is proud to be with you and has introduced you to his family and friends. He brings you to family functions and get-togethers with friends, and takes you to company events.

6. He Treats Your Relationship With Integrity
He is trustworthy and loyal to you and your relationship. He is upfront with you about his past girlfriends and skeletons in his closet. He does what he says and will let you know if he’s not able to. When issues come up, he is willing to work through them. Although he isn’t perfect, he tries to be a better man.

7. He Wants The Best For You
A guy who loves you encourages you to do things you love, even if it means doing these things without him. He wants you to spend time with family and friends. He encourages you to find and live your passions, knowing that if you are happy and engaged with life, you’ll be happy and engaged in your relationship with him.

Place less weight on his words and more weight on his behaviors and actions. A man’s behaviors and actions are more revealing and show if he loves you or not. It’s easier for a man to say, “I love you” because that’s what you want to hear. The true test of whether he loves you is if he exhibits the signs described earlier. When a man loves you, you won’t need to hear the words because you will just know.

25 Things Every Woman Should Have By The Time She Is 25

Celebrate that 25th birthday knowing you are on track 


At the age of 25  you are still young enough not to have a care in the world, but old enough to know that you should. There are so many things that should be accomplished at the age of 25 so easing into the “dirty thirties” is a breeze. Here is a collection of things every woman should have by the time she has turned 25 years old. If you have at least 20 of these things then you are on the right track to an amazing future.

1.  An intermixable, stylish wardrobe. Building a wardrobe takes time, but by 25, a woman should at least have the basics such as leggings, black pumps, the classic LBD and of course jeans that make a girl’s buns look yummy.


2. A personal color palette. We all have that one color (or a few) that we just can’t pull off because it either washes us out or just does nothing for our skin tone. Choose a color palette that makes you shine, makeup included.

giphy (2)

3. Bank Account. This is beyond important.


4. Exercise Regimen. Whatever your niche is-Jogging, Pilates or Yoga; just make sure its fun and interesting for YOU.


5. At least 3 easy-to-fix-but-still-impressive recipes. Boiling water does not count. Learn your way around the kitchen…for yourself.


6. Shapewear.  The Ultimate Secret Weapon, Spanx work miracles!


7. A reading list. Just because you’ve been out of college for a few years doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read. No gossip blogs do not count. Line up a few good books.


8. Common Sense. Start using that brain, those good looks won’t last forever.


9. Foodie Bucket List. Gather a list of restaurants you long to visit & some dishes you’ve been just bursting to try.


10. A regular bucket list. Hey, why not?

11. Passport. Even if you haven’t been anywhere yet, who says you’re not going anywhere in the future. Romantic weekend tryst in Rio? Passaporte!


12. A proper, grown-up email address. It’s time to ditch theDivaGrrl777. Keep it simple: Last Name, First Initial.

13. A skincare regimen. Every woman’s skin is different, find out what will keep your skin dewy & healthy. Remember the basics: Cleanser, Moisturizer & Sunscreen.

download (12)

14. A basic tool kit & the ability to use it. There’s nothing like a woman who knows how to use a hammer. Sexy.

15. Financial & career goals. You must have a plan set out and the willpower to go through with it.


16. At least one best friend. We need at least one awesome friend to have great times with & get through the hard times with.


17. A good idea of how to be alone & how to enjoy alone time. Be a woman that enjoys her own company. If you don’t enjoy yourself, how can someone else?


18. One red lipstick that compliments your skin tone. Self-explanatory, try something from MAC or NARS you will not be disappointed.


19. Great bond with your parents. You don’t have to speak to them every day or be the best of friends, just have healthy relationships with them.


20.  Comfort in your sexuality. Learn what you like in bed, know who you are sexually and don’t be afraid to show it.


21. At least one go-to purse-in black,brown or grey. Or all three, that’s even better.

22. A 5-minute makeup routine. Why spend 45 minutes putting  makeup on every day? Every girl needs a quick and simple routine.


23. A credit card. Only in your name and not maxed out already. Spend responsibly, credit debt sucks.


24. A day planner. It’s just the responsible, grown-up thing to do. Plus, its much neater than those post-its all over your mirror.


25. Confidence. A confident woman is an unstoppable woman.


Note: Depending on a woman’s personal preferences, physical location & financial circumstances, she may or may not want a house or a vehicle. Every woman is different. In regards to a woman having a job, in order to have some of these things (bank account, clothing, makeup, spending money, etc.), of course she needs a job or at least a paid internship. That really doesn’t need to be put on this list. But if a 25-year old woman does not have a job but she has goals that she’s actually working towards, then that doesn’t make her any less fabulous, we don’t know her circumstances.


Good Luck Ladies!

Throwback Thursday: Naeto C ” 5 & 6″

Me and you joint like we’re 5 and 6

The couples anthem of 2011  makes a comeback as we celebrate “Throwback Thursday” #TBT. This song brings back memories of the Summer of 2011 and the video brings great visuals to match. Naeto C has since created great hits after the release of this song, but we must admit we will never get tired of “5 & 6”.

Date Appeal: To Marry African Or Nah? For the African Blooded and American Born

The family pressures are outstanding


Every African child has received the infamous “marry within our culture” talk, some parents may not have been pushy about it, but they still made you aware of their “wishes”. Its not that they don’t like people of other cultures they just feel that this person will not follow customs and traditions they raised their child with. They feel as though our African values will be lost in generations to come. When an African child notifies their parents that that their love is not what they had hoped…well we’ve all experienced this:


Most African parents want their girls in their matrimonial home by the age of 28 and bouncing baby boys and girls to hold by age 30. The men have it easy with most parents wanting them to be settled by the age of 30, once the big 3-0 has passed the family descends upon the poor guy lol.


Now it is said that we as Africans should marry within our culture in order to have a strong family bond you know Liberians with Liberians, Nigerians with Nigerians and so on. Sometimes it goes as far as same tribe with same tribe in order to gain your families approval for marriage. Well everyone doesn’t agree with that idea, especially those of us raised in an African home in the USA and abroad. I totally believe  you can marry outside of the culture in my eyes just as long as the person is open minded and willing to accept what makes you diverse.


Now many girls feel African men are great providers and will make sure you always have what you want while Americans are seen as the “cheap/stingy” guys. Americans are also seen as free spirited and liberal minded while African men are seen as controlling and closed minded.Don’t get mad at me I’m just the messenger. So the question lies with all of these stereotypes and embedded thoughts of these different groups of people what will you do? Will people be drinking palm wine on your head and have thousands of dollars sprayed on you or have a traditional engagement party?


Here are some tips on African men to help you with the big question “marry African or nah?”

1) Hennessy, dark liquor, Stout, or Heineken or other heavy beers are the drink of choice. First thing you must bring your man after a heavy plate of food at a party…yeah boo just skip over the ciroc and budweiser.


2) Get in the KITCHEN! : You must cook at least a few times a week to please an African man, sorry no burgers and french fries or takeout every night. African men are spoiled by their mother’s cooking and most even though they wont admit it expect it from their wife.

images (12)

3) Half meat and fish and Half rice: Have you ever met an African man that doesn’t like meat or fish?…I know me NEITHER. When you cook, you must add chicken, goat, turkey, or fish in a man’s food, if not it’s not a complete meal…don’t forget the rice either. I’m serious Give him a plate of rice without meat or fish and see the look he will give you. Keep his gut full!


4) Alpha male: African men  want to show how they are a man, they could show it through their fortunes, how they treats you, or by their religious and mental level. In order to stroke his ego you will have to stand down sometimes, listen to him and be submissive.  African men are normally from two parent homes and are taught to be the head of the household. This may not hold true in other cultures. The need to take care of certain obligations for a woman comes naturally for them. In some other cultures independent women are praised and women are praised for taking care of themselves financially.


5) Not into romance, but will put that work in!. I don’t know what it’s like in the open public between you and your African man but I can almost guarantee it’s great behind closed doors, when you guys are… You know what. cough. They may not be the most romantic men (ie buying flowers, writing poems, rose pedals surrounding the house), but they will express the love in the bedroom. Now it is very possible to find sensual men in other cultures, but word around the street is African men seem to have a great knowledge of what makes a girl happy in that department.

Have you like:

giphy (1)

So  will you be wearing a gele or a veil?



Style Appeal: BET Awards 2014 Fashion!

Ladies BROUGHT IT this year!


The red carpet for the 2014 BET Awards was filled with black hollywood’s finest and they made sure to bring their A-Game with them…well most did. Stars such as Ashanti, Tiwa Savage, Amber Rose, Kerry Washington and more rocked beautiful threads at LA’s Nokia Theater.


White was definitely the color of the evening as many stars including Paris Hilton, Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon, Gabrielle Union and more rocked the light hue. The color choice was perfect for the warm Cali weather.

Check out these gorgeous ladies sizzle the carpet


Gabrielle Union serving some leg in her thigh high boots

bet-awards-august-alsina (1)


August Alsina looking dapper in blue


Kerry Washington showing us her snap back post baby body!


Karrueche Tran in a nude Seth Chernoff fringe bandage dress


Tiwa Savage in a beautiful black ball gown with sheer polka dot detail

nadia buari


Nadia Buari in her traditional inspired outfit


Ashanti dominating the white gown trend in this sexy cut out Michael Costello gown


Adrienne Bailon baring cleavage in this white Costello Couture gown with a deep V plunge


Keke Palmer in Alon Livne


Amber Rose in a white gown with a metallic gold belt


Paris Hilton rocking this beautiful white cut out gown, also a Michael Costello creation with a nice thigh high slit


Regina Hall in a white tuxedo suit


Eva Marcille in a beautiful snow white gown


Sevyn Streeter


Claudia Jordan


Kenya Moore


Tamera Mowry Housley



Angela Simmons

BET AWARDS '14 - Arrivals

Tiny Harris

BET AWARDS '14 - Arrivals


Draya Michele

What were your favorite looks on the carpet?