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Splurge or Purge? Sophia Webster Evangeline Sandal


Sophia Webster made her debut in the fashion world with her own design house in 2013. Since then her quirky designs have been flooding runways and sidewalks all over the world. The designer’s latest collection features a rose gold and white heel with cherub/angel wings located at the back . The shoe retails at Begdorf Goodman for $560.00.


BGX2H5N_ax BGX2H5N_cx

So the question is splurge or purge?

Style Appeal: Rock it or TOSS IT!

“Fendi heel that’s the MONSTER SHOE!” 

fendi monster

Fendi has released a new heel named ” Leather Monster Bootie Sandal”. The bootie features and animated figure on the shoe adorned with feathers, The pair of eyes on the heel creates the monster look. The whimsical monster motif on this heel is very different and definitely makes a bold statement. Theses booties feature fox fur, leather lining and a sculpted open heel. These heels run for $1,450.00 at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. So the question is, would you rock it or toss it?

fendi monster1

fendi monster2

Beauty Appeal: Get Candy Colored Hair!

Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange, Red, Green Have Fun With It 


Are you getting tired of the same old boring colors, looking to have fun with your hair or just reinventing your look? , well the candy colored hair route is just for you. There are so many beautiful color of the rainbow that we don’t see many people explore when it comes to their hair, who says you must have brown, black, or brown hair? Here at Tribe Appeal we say follow your own rules. Candy hair colors such as blue, purple, green, orange, red and pink give the individuals bold enough to rock them a great way to express themselves and their style. The great thing about hair is you don’t have to put your own natural hair through these harsh chemical s There are many celebrities who have tried this bold look such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj,Azealia Banks and Kenyan songstress Victoria Kimani.

IMG_0916 IMG_0933 IMG_0919

Get the look yourself by following these simple steps.



1. Hair dye of your choice (Splat, Manic Panic, or permanent dye.)
2. A bottle of WHITE conditioner for color treated hair.
3. A medium sized mixing bowl.
4. Hair dye brushes to apply the dye evenly.
5. Clear gloves.
6. Old T-shirt and towel.
7. If you hair isn’t bleached yet, 40 vol. BLEACHING KIT. ( May have to do a few sessions depending on the darkness of your hair. Wait two to three weeks in-between) 30 vol. for lighter hair. **TIP: Buy extensions that are already bleached or are very light in color such as #613 or #60**
8. Purple toner shampoo for white & silver hair (after bleaching).

9. Aluminum Foil


Step 1) Bleach the hair if it is not bleached already with the .40 vol  bleaching kit **TIP: Buy extensions that are already bleached or are very light in color such as #613 or #60**

Step 2)  Start mixing your dye of choice with the white conditioner. As you want the color to get lighter add conditioner to the mix and as you want the color to get darker add more dye.


Step 3) Begin spreading color mixture all over the bleached hair making sure to coat the front and back of the piece. Seal the hair in aluminum foil and wait `for at least 3 hours for the hair color to set in. I personally advise letting the dye sit overnight for best results


Step 4) Unfoil the hair and rinse it multiple times until no color runs out of it. Wash the hair with conditioner

Step 5) Dry the hair, install and enjoy your new fabulous look!

Here is a tutorial to help make the process even easier, this lady decided to dye her lace wig

I loved the purple color so so much I had to try it myself and I love it!

IMG_0862 IMG_0860