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The Great Beauty Secret: African Shea Butter

African Shea Butter is a great multi purpose beauty product



Everyone knows shea butter is the perfect skin and hair product to retain moisture.  You’ll never hear this:


Using African Shea Butter. You can easily find this product on the streets and open marketplaces in large cities being sold by Africans or in your local beauty supply store, no not Sally’s, but your urban neighborhood beauty supply. This natural product has great uses on hair, skin and nails, but I’m sure you didn’t know about these interesting facts about it.


1) It’s said to help reduce or heal wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, poison ivy, insect bites, psoriasis and age spots.


2) It’s believed to heal skin allergies and outbreaks


3) In Nigeria, it’s rubbed around the nostrils to alleviate congestion and sinus issues.



4) Whipped shea butter helps for scalp issues


5) It offers a measure of sun protection, and helps to seal in moisture for natural hair.



If you dont have natural shea butter in your arsenal of beauty products I would advise you to change that ASAP