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How To: Make An Ankara Skirt And/Or Dress

Elle Varner ankara styles

Express your own style with a custom made skirt or dress

One thing about being a lover of African fashion is depending on what’s hot in RTW (ready to wear) it is very hard to find a clothing piece made of African fabric. We can not go to any store and easily pick up a gown made of Ankara or Kente cloth. So to a tailor and/or fashion designer we go, but this method can be very costly and sometimes the quality of the clothing isn’t what you expected. They say when you want something done right, you should do it yourself. Well Tribe Appeal has gathered some information from Fashioncadet.com and BritxBrat2Fashion to guide you into creating your own custom African fashion piece! Grab those materials and get to work!


1) A piece of fabric of your choice

2) Your choice of skirt for pattern

3) A zipper

4) Sewing pins

5) Scissors

6) Chalk/pencil

7)Sewing machine or thread & needle




  1. Place the fabric on a table or flat surface.
  2. Fold the fabric in half
  3. Place the skirt on top of the folded fabric to get the skirt pattern
  4. Mark the pattern using a piece of chalk or pencil
  5. Cut out the fabric according to the pattern and start sewing
  6. Pin the zipper to the back of the skirt (If you want the zipper to show, place it on the outside of the skirt)


Now if you would like to make a dress, you may apply the same technique used above and also watch the video below.

Great DIY Valentine’s Gift Ideas!

Gifts from the heart matter the most!

So there is just one more day until the big Valentine’s day holiday! Now many people say the holiday is totally for women, but there is no reason to leave your better half out. Your lover will appreciate a gift from your heart and what better gifts are from the heart than a do-it-yourself.In this video, there are 5 really amazing ideas that are easy to make, affordable and get the message across to your sweetheart.

Shining Stars of The Grammys! Best and Worst Dressed


The red carpet was taken to another level

The biggest award show in music took place this Sunday and there were some great looks walking along the red carpet. Superstar acts from RIhanna to Paul McCartney graced the Grammy Stage and red carpet.We were all excited to view the great performances , but most of us were really waiting on the dazzling looks of the stars.  Every star has their own taste and this event was the perfect one to showcase their artistic creativity. Many acts passed with flying colors, while others lagged way behind.

Take a look at who we thought were the best dressed of Grammy night 2015

1. Taylor Swift


2. Ariana Grande


3.Giuliana Rancic


4. Jesse J


5. Gwen Stefani


6.Katy Perry


7. Kim Kardashian


8. Nicki Minaj


9. Ciara


10. Kat Graham


11. Kimberly Perry


12. Lady Gaga


13. Rita Ora


14. Paris Hilton


Now everyone wasn’t fashion forward in our eyes when it came to the Grammys. Here are our picks for worst dressed…

1. Joy Villa

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Girl!…*Blank Stare Emoji*

2. Zendaya


This girl is breathtakingly beautiful, but this dress looks like a frock it’s doing nothing for her natural silhouette, the cut makes her look much older and the lipstick choice is not the best. I believe with the right stylist she can really make a solid name for herself in Hollywood! Hey Zandaya girl!! Let us help you, you will absolutely LOVE your new looks!

3.Charli XCX


We really see where Charli was trying to take this look, we get it…it’s the Grammys….it’s the only time to show off creativity through fashion and not be bashed, but this look was not it. The satin tuxedo with the hot pink bow tie would have really been nice without her choice of shoe and the fur. I personally would have styled her with a brighter colored fur , or got rid of the fur all together and paired this look with a rocker style clutch covered in gems. The pink satin peep toe heels would have been replaced immediately with something neutral or even white.

Honorable Mention: Rihanna


When we see Rihanna we think of as little clothing as possible, that’s why when she showed up on the carpet this year in this dress everyone was a bit shocked because it was so much fabric. I will say I am down with the #RihNavy, but I am not feeling this dress, what I do feel is the way Rihanna carried herself in it. The dress was very playful and risky just like her personality! I’m not giving her Best or Worst dressed, I feel she walks in her own lane when it comes down to fashion.


The Color You Should Wear More Of In 2015


*Drumroll please*

Pantone has always been the solid force in shaping RTW and Couture line’s color choices within the fashion industry. the company’s color matching system is referenced throughout the whole year in order to create beautiful clothing that will appeal to the eye’s and heart’s of buyers. As tradition holds Pantone has released the color of the year: Marsala. This color is a sleek maroon shade that has a hint of bright burgundy mixed with it. Last year’s color “Radiant Orchid” was splashed all over the runways and streets of the fashion world.


Marsala will be the popular color in fashion wear, beauty, hair and home decor. If you call yourself a fashionista you must showcase this beautful hue in your own special way. Expect to be known as a fashion forward individual when striding in something Marsala toned this year. Here are some great ideas on how to rock this electric color and rock it with confidence whether it is on your face, in your home or on your body.

Some beautiful dresses


Beauty products

Marsala Group

Home Decor


7 Ways To Tell If He Really Loves You!

If you’re unsure about that certain guy this will help you figure it out



1. He Treats You Well
A guy who loves you is considerate of your feelings, needs and desires. He makes them as important as his desires and needs. He is concerned with your well-being and will do things to make your life better, sometimes going out of his way to do so. Not only does he treat you well, he is also good to your family and friends.

2. He Is Generous With His Time
He doesn’t let too much time go by without seeing you. When he is available, he wants to be with you and chooses to spend his time with you. If you’re in a long distance relationship, he is spending time with you whenever your schedules allow. And you are together during major holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

3. He Makes You A Priority
You are at the forefront of his mind and he maintains contact in between the times you see each other. He considers you when making decisions and is considerate about doing things you want to do. When speaking, he uses “we” instead of “I”, and includes you in his future plans.

4. He Cares For You
A guy who loves you is genuinely happy for you when good things happen to you. He is compassionate when you’re going through challenges. This guy is there for you in the good and not so good times. He thinks about you and surprises you with tokens of affection outside of your birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. He will also challenge you by calling you out on stuff to help you become a better person.

5. He Wants People To Know About You
He is affectionate with you in public by holding your hand, putting his arm around you and/or hugging you. He is proud to be with you and has introduced you to his family and friends. He brings you to family functions and get-togethers with friends, and takes you to company events.

6. He Treats Your Relationship With Integrity
He is trustworthy and loyal to you and your relationship. He is upfront with you about his past girlfriends and skeletons in his closet. He does what he says and will let you know if he’s not able to. When issues come up, he is willing to work through them. Although he isn’t perfect, he tries to be a better man.

7. He Wants The Best For You
A guy who loves you encourages you to do things you love, even if it means doing these things without him. He wants you to spend time with family and friends. He encourages you to find and live your passions, knowing that if you are happy and engaged with life, you’ll be happy and engaged in your relationship with him.

Place less weight on his words and more weight on his behaviors and actions. A man’s behaviors and actions are more revealing and show if he loves you or not. It’s easier for a man to say, “I love you” because that’s what you want to hear. The true test of whether he loves you is if he exhibits the signs described earlier. When a man loves you, you won’t need to hear the words because you will just know.

Act Like A Lady Think Like A Woman

Act like a Lady
Think Like a Woman


In this day and age many women and young girls feel as though the “good girls” are losing and as the new slogan is :


Yes folks there is merchandise out there with this slogan, no joke. With this mentality growing the number of ladies and I mean CLASSY & SOPHISTICATED ladies has dropped to an all time low. Everywhere you turn there’s a woman who thinks the string they are wearing is called a dress or their social media account is a place to showcase their assets and by that I mean their ASS.


You may read this and agree or you may be reading this like hey whats wrong with twerking. Nothing is wrong with twerking, but if thats all you have to offer to people in order for them to think your interesting well yeah I am


Now you may call me old fashioned, I don’t mind that because women in the past were sophisticated, elegant, poised, beautiful and most importantly vastly cultured, hey I’ll take that all day! Women are complaining about chivalry being dead, but I’m here to tell you it isnt. See when a gentleman recognizes a LADY, not a ratchet, girl, or self proclaimed bad bitch…but a  LADY he will treat her with the utmost respect and care. Once you learn and take on the role of a lady and grown woman  you will only attract prince charming.


There are certain “old” traditions that balance the male and female roles. Things like opening car doors, pulling out chairs and standing while a woman takes her seat are things men sometimes do as a way of showing respect to a woman.

Today’s women aren’t used to these traditions, in fact many wouldn’t even know how to demand or accept them. But what happened to these “old-folk” traditions of chivalry?

Why are you stuck opening your own car doors, pulling out your own chair and carrying your bags down the street? I have an answer. In his book “Good Men Do Cheat,” Carl Roberts says “Chivalry is dead—and women killed it.” (Don’t be shocked by the title. It’s sometimes true. But that’s a whole dif- ferent subject. You’ll have to get his book to explore that one.)

If you want to be treated like a lady, your actions should be ladylike. For example, if the gentleman you’re with doesn’t open doors for you it’s perfectly okay. Instead of getting mad, irritated or giving him an attitude — stand there with a giant smile and wait gracefully until he opens it for you. Trust me, he will get the point.

A man will want to go above and beyond for you, when he can see that you’re not just being a “de- manding bitch” but that you’re a deserving woman of class. There’s a difference between the two and any good man will quickly catch on.

Here are other ways to increase your presence
as a lady:

Don’t argue or be overbearing in conversations.
• Don’t expose all of your goodies; leave some skin to the imagination.
• Don’t promote all of your assets. A man doesn’t need to know you can cook, clean, change a tire, that you have a degree and can blow his mind in the bedroom the first time you meet him.
• Carry yourself gracefully and with poise. 
• Master table etiquette, dining, and socializing skills.
• Keep a positive, lady-like attitude.
• Speak with a soft sensual voice.
• Have a set of rules and standards that you abide by and don’t bend them for anyone.


To be treated like a lady you must first act like a lady. If you don’t make a habit of walking in your power as a lady then you’ll be treated with far less respect than you truly deserve. Even if you have a good man or good people in your life you are limit- ing the potential experiences you could be having.

You’re not reading this to be an ordinary woman who makes outrageous demands, nor are you reading this to pass as an average woman who wants the world and has nothing to offer.

You are a woman who takes pride in improving herself. You are willing to go above and beyond for the man in your life. You are willing to scrub floors until their spotless, cook 5 star meals, turn your house into a home and make him feel like a King. Having doors opened for you after you take such good care of him, is not that big of a deal.