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New Trend: Bling Out Your Luxury Car!

Imagine pulling up in one of these sparkling numbers

Recently a young woman Daria Radionova, blinged out her Mercedes CLS 350 in over 1 million Swarovski crystals. The beauty paid almost $85,000 in order to create a sparkly car. Since the premiere of her vehicle to the world there has been great interest in replicating the look.

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Many custom auto shops are offering this service to clients as there has been a rise in its popularity. People are blinging out emblems, steering wheels and the whole body of the car. There are numerous cars being showcased at auto shows with the “Swarovski crystal” bling out and they have been getting a lot of positive ¬†feedback.

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1053594995_ab9017858eYou dont have to drive a luxury car in order to follow the trend, check out this person’s car



Will you be following the swarovski crystal bling trend?