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Act Like A Lady Think Like A Woman

Act like a Lady
Think Like a Woman


In this day and age many women and young girls feel as though the “good girls” are losing and as the new slogan is :


Yes folks there is merchandise out there with this slogan, no joke. With this mentality growing the number of ladies and I mean CLASSY & SOPHISTICATED ladies has dropped to an all time low. Everywhere you turn there’s a woman who thinks the string they are wearing is called a dress or their social media account is a place to showcase their assets and by that I mean their ASS.


You may read this and agree or you may be reading this like hey whats wrong with twerking. Nothing is wrong with twerking, but if thats all you have to offer to people in order for them to think your interesting well yeah I am


Now you may call me old fashioned, I don’t mind that because women in the past were sophisticated, elegant, poised, beautiful and most importantly vastly cultured, hey I’ll take that all day! Women are complaining about chivalry being dead, but I’m here to tell you it isnt. See when a gentleman recognizes a LADY, not a ratchet, girl, or self proclaimed bad bitch…but a  LADY he will treat her with the utmost respect and care. Once you learn and take on the role of a lady and grown woman  you will only attract prince charming.


There are certain “old” traditions that balance the male and female roles. Things like opening car doors, pulling out chairs and standing while a woman takes her seat are things men sometimes do as a way of showing respect to a woman.

Today’s women aren’t used to these traditions, in fact many wouldn’t even know how to demand or accept them. But what happened to these “old-folk” traditions of chivalry?

Why are you stuck opening your own car doors, pulling out your own chair and carrying your bags down the street? I have an answer. In his book “Good Men Do Cheat,” Carl Roberts says “Chivalry is dead—and women killed it.” (Don’t be shocked by the title. It’s sometimes true. But that’s a whole dif- ferent subject. You’ll have to get his book to explore that one.)

If you want to be treated like a lady, your actions should be ladylike. For example, if the gentleman you’re with doesn’t open doors for you it’s perfectly okay. Instead of getting mad, irritated or giving him an attitude — stand there with a giant smile and wait gracefully until he opens it for you. Trust me, he will get the point.

A man will want to go above and beyond for you, when he can see that you’re not just being a “de- manding bitch” but that you’re a deserving woman of class. There’s a difference between the two and any good man will quickly catch on.

Here are other ways to increase your presence
as a lady:

Don’t argue or be overbearing in conversations.
• Don’t expose all of your goodies; leave some skin to the imagination.
• Don’t promote all of your assets. A man doesn’t need to know you can cook, clean, change a tire, that you have a degree and can blow his mind in the bedroom the first time you meet him.
• Carry yourself gracefully and with poise. 
• Master table etiquette, dining, and socializing skills.
• Keep a positive, lady-like attitude.
• Speak with a soft sensual voice.
• Have a set of rules and standards that you abide by and don’t bend them for anyone.


To be treated like a lady you must first act like a lady. If you don’t make a habit of walking in your power as a lady then you’ll be treated with far less respect than you truly deserve. Even if you have a good man or good people in your life you are limit- ing the potential experiences you could be having.

You’re not reading this to be an ordinary woman who makes outrageous demands, nor are you reading this to pass as an average woman who wants the world and has nothing to offer.

You are a woman who takes pride in improving herself. You are willing to go above and beyond for the man in your life. You are willing to scrub floors until their spotless, cook 5 star meals, turn your house into a home and make him feel like a King. Having doors opened for you after you take such good care of him, is not that big of a deal.